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I'm not a morning person, except for those moments. Raised at 6:00 am, my camera bag and my batteries charged and ready for my first meeting with my French couple Cécile and Aurélien. They have been living in Australia for several years and it’s in Bali that they chose to celebrate their union. I like this privileged moment a few days before the wedding where I have the opportunity to kidnap and to have just for me the future bride and groom. A moment when time stops where the race after the organization pauses just to take this moment to two.


I love the morning, ride through the villages and see little by little wake up villages and villagers. His daily rituals of prayers and see the smoke of the ancients ambulate the alleys. I plunge into lanes that only locals take to find me in front of paddy fields, as far as the eye can see.


At the end of my road, this isolated beach, immense and nothing to me ... then it’s these rolls of huge waves that made tourists flee ... To our greatest happiness Cécile and Aurélien we could invest the beach to their liking ... revise their first dance leaving the footsteps of their footsteps in the black sand or splash the other just for the sake of seeing each other's clothes marry the curves of his body.


A few exchanges of glances and laughter the time for the sun to go up too high to remind us that it is time to end our morning walk to join the wedding guests just waking up waiting for us at the Brunch.