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I often compare my job as a wedding photographer to that of a writer: the photographer writes a story, not through words but through images. This is my third photo shooting with E&O. We met for the first time during our engagement session in Paris. We begin to write together the first chapter of their story. The story of their meeting, their bike ride with friends, and the wedding proposal on the rooftops of Paris. Then there was their wedding in August, where the second chapter of their story marked the beginning of their life together.



It was in the United States that we wrote their third chapter, a few miles from New York they had settled in a house not far from the coast. The opportunity for me to discover a new country and enjoy at its sublime sea lights during this photo shoot session. The light was soft we had driven all day and crossed different landscape of the coast before arriving on this beach at the beginning of the sunset. The rays reflected on the rust laid on the metal of the ship anchors that was docked. The water was good enough to refresh our feet and as the only witness to our presence the seabirds were waiting for the evening fishing.
When it's the third time we see each other for a photo shoot, couples are much more comfortable with the camera. As a moment of fullness where they simply enjoy the arms of one and the other, letting the wind slip into their hair caressing their face.